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Guidelines of the Socialist Phalanx

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Guidelines of the Socialist Phalanx Empty Guidelines of the Socialist Phalanx

Post by Admin Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:41 am

In order to ensure a civil atmosphere, wherein productive conversation can flourish, the following guidelines have been established:

Refrain from antagonizing fellow members of the forum.

Refrain from disparaging anyone on the basis of race/ethnicity, sex, or religion in your posts.

Refrain from employing profanity in your posts.

Observe the parameters of secularism and refrain from engaging in theological debates with fellow members.

Refrain from promoting violent actions directed at any group and/or individual.

Refrain from utilizing imagery (in your profiles, posts, etc.) that relates to fascistic movements or hate groups.

**If you find anyone functioning in violation of these provisions, please notify the forum administrator or a moderator.**

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