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Restrictions and Bannings

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Restrictions and Bannings  Empty Restrictions and Bannings

Post by Admin Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:53 pm

Within the forum's FAQ, you will find that the following positions are established:

Left-wing nationalism is a unique variety of nationalism that is both thoroughly anti-capitalist and anti-reactionary. As such, this variety of nationalism inherently rejects the theories and tendencies associated with most other expressions thereof — such as ethnic chauvinism, economic exploitation, and imperialism.

This forum does not tolerate animus towards individuals based upon their race or ethnicity. Moreover, it does not tolerate hostility towards individuals based upon their sex, religious affiliation, etc.

None of the ideologies found within the heterogeneous construct referred to as 'fascism' objectively meet the standards of revolutionary socialism or left-wing nationalism.

Within the Guidelines thread, you will find that the following parameters are established:

Refrain from antagonizing fellow members of the forum.

Refrain from disparaging anyone on the basis of ethnicity, sex, or religion in your posts.

Refrain from employing profanity in your posts.

Observe the parameters of secularism and refrain from engaging in theological debates with fellow members.

Refrain from promoting violent actions directed at any group and/or individual.

Refrain from utilizing imagery (in your profiles, posts, etc.) that relates to the Third Reich or any known hate groups.

Failure to meet the established standards of this forum will result in one of the following actions:

Level-1 Restriction:

Your account will be marked as 'Restricted' and you will be placed on probation. Probation entails freedom to post in all of the open forums and send private messages; however, your posts will be subject to increased levels of scrutiny by the forum moderators and either removed or redirected to the 'Opposing Views' section if they are found to be in violation of forum policy.

If you are able to demonstrate that your views are no longer incompatible with the principles of revolutionary socialism or left-wing nationalism, you may petition the forum administration to remove your restriction.

Level-2 Restriction:

Your account will be marked as 'Restricted' and you will be permanently confined to the 'Opposing Views' section. You will be unable to send private messages.


Your account will be closed and your IP address will be blocked from the forum.

All [restricted members] are prohibited from devaluing posts. Those who violate this prohibition will automatically be banned.

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