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Post by Admin Sun May 15, 2011 8:49 am

*What is the Socialist Phalanx?

See Welcome to the Socialist Phalanx.

*Who may join?

Anyone who is either a revolutionary socialist or a left-wing nationalist.

*What is 'revolutionary socialism'?

For purposes of this forum, revolutionary socialism is defined as a socialist tendency based upon a fundamental commitment to the complete abolition of capitalism — this being contrasted to conventional Social Democratic and corporativist models, based upon the partial or complete maintenance of the capitalist mode of production — and the construction of a workers' state.

Note: In this context, no distinction is drawn between literal revolutionary socialists, Blanquists/Vanguardists, democratic socialists, anarchists, etc.

*What is 'left-wing nationalism'?

Left-wing nationalism is a unique variety of nationalism that is both thoroughly anti-capitalist and anti-reactionary. As such, this variety of nationalism inherently rejects the theories and tendencies associated with most other expressions thereof — e.g. ethnic chauvinism, economic exploitation, and imperialism.

*Is this a racist website?

No. This forum does not tolerate animus towards individuals based upon their race or ethnicity. Moreover, it does not tolerate hostility towards individuals based upon their sex, religious affiliation, etc.

*Is this a fascist website?

No. None of the ideologies found within the heterogeneous construct referred to as 'fascism' objectively meet the standards of revolutionary socialism or left-wing nationalism.  

*What is the 'Revolutionary Syndicalist Federation'?

The Revolutionary Syndicalist Federation (RSF) is an international organization created for the purpose of networking individual radicals and political groups who adhere to the principles of Revolutionary Syndicalism.

*What is the Executive Committee of the Revolutionary Syndicalist Federation?

See the ECRSF website. Its function within the Socialist Phalanx is purely administrative.

*Do you have to be in the RSF to join the Socialist Phalanx?

Absolutely not.

**Have a question that wasn't answered here? Please contact the forum administrator or a moderator.**

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