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Sankya by Zakhar Prilepin

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Sankya by Zakhar Prilepin  Empty Sankya by Zakhar Prilepin

Post by NazBol Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:22 am

Sankya by Zakhar Prilepin
novel about Russian nazbols

Twenty-two-year-old Sasha Tishin—or Sankya, as his grandmother calls him—and his friends are members of the Founders, an extremist group loosely based on the now-banned National Bolsheviks. The Founders want to tear down the corrupt government, destroy Western-style capitalism, and build a better country—one based on dignity, on ideals, one close “to the soil,” something like the Soviet Union but not quite, not so bureaucratic. If that sounds vague, it’s because in the beginning the Founders don’t have a plan beyond demonstrations, which often devolve into street vandalism. The book opens with one such protest. Sasha and his friends narrowly escape the riot police, but even the possibility of jail hardly scares Sasha. He will survive it, he thinks, because he’d survived his mandatory army service, a notoriously harsh ordeal in Russia.

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Sankya by Zakhar Prilepin  Sankya-72DPI

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