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Military Service

Post by Balkan Beast on Fri May 04, 2012 11:11 am

In a Socialist Society how do you guys feel Military Service should work?

I am of the opinion that All national citizens(exclusions would be made for those who cannot do so for legitimate reasons) are bound for military service upon reaching legal age which is the case in many countries. Especially in a world which is against socialism, this is a necessity, I am sure some would argue that this violates people's rights or something to that regard however.

When I say all citizens however this includes women, this topic can also expand into what role women should have in the military in a socialist society. The main argument against women serving in a direct combat role is because of sex crimes if captured(Happened all the time during the Chinese Revolution), being captured is still possible however outside of direct combat roles though it is just less likely.

So should women also be bound for mandatory military service alongside men as well? Even if not in a combat role, it would still be a good idea in my eyes.

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Re: Military Service

Post by Red Aegis on Fri May 04, 2012 12:12 pm

I side with militias with a small regular, volunteer army.

We wouldn't need a large army where I live, since we wouldn't need one to subdue other nations. A well armed militia would be a significant deterrent to invasion. There is currently in the United States, one gun for every person. They may be concentrated, but if there were an invasion they would be distributed by necessity. To further this deterrent I propose that every few years, people should go to training camps for a short time to teach them how to fight and prevent them from getting too rusty. No military wants to occupy a region where almost everyone has a gun, knows tactics, and has been prepared for years.

If you want to talk about missile and aircraft defense, that's why I support a limited military to be maintained; for example, we do not need a large standing army, but a strong air force and navy would be necessary to defend the borders against naval and aerial assault. I could elaborate but I think that I've made my point.

As for women in the armed forces, I think that they should be able to volunteer and they should certainly be a part of the militia forces.

I should like to add that if it were up to me, the differences between ranks would only matter in who is in command. All ranks would receive the same food, pay, quarters, and respect. Everyone is everyone's comrade, no-one is anyone's master.

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