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Our credo
We believe that all humans - regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, nationality or gender - share common universal values. All too often though, these values are compromised by competing values, prejudice, anger, fear, greed and over-zealous loyalty. The aim of the Rebel Media Group is to use information as a weapon against engineered consent with abuse of power, exploitation, discrimination, racism, colonialism, imperialism, tyranny, militarism and any other form of injustice.
Our political position
Coming from a progressive, antiwar background, we have learned over the years that political positions are just that: positions, view points, that allow us to see things that people with a different view point are often oblivious to. They provide us with frameworks that enable us to interpret 'reality' and come up with working solutions. That's why we welcome authors from the entire political spectrum, regardless how provocative some of their views might be. True leadership and political maturity requires the ability to 'switch frames' in order to come up with the best possible interpretation of what's actually happening and how to deal with it.
Given our highly critical attitude towards Zionism in general, and Israel in particular, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that we are being accused of being 'wildly anti-Semitic'. There are a lot of people out there - including the editors of US based online dictionary Webster - confusing criticism of Israel or Zionism with Anti-Semitism, some of them deliberately, some due to decades of brainwashing.
The Rebel team strongly opposes trailor-trash racism, in fact we believe that a lot of groups and organisations promoting racial hatred against Jews are seeded with Zionist agents provocateurs, frightening ordinary Jewish folks into blind support for their criminal leadership. We consider Israel to be the most racist and evil country on this planet, an illegal political entity, controlled and protected by a Mafia-like criminal network with a 19th century style colonialist and social-Darwinist agenda. We fight for Israel's replacement with a free, united, egalitarian and secular Palestine.
Are they anti-semites or anti-zionists?


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