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Post by Red Aegis on Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:33 pm

From Chile to Iran and Canada to Great Britain students and young people everywhere are angry. They are not fools, they have every right to be angry. These sentiments are only the pre-quake tremors of what is to come. The dis-satisfaction that the young are expressing is also present in the workers in general. What is needed is for the workers to stand with their children and demand an end to the corrupt system that oppresses and robs them. France is taking a step in the correct direction by voting an anti-austerity leader but that will not be enough. The people will realize the farce of bourgeois politicians when the people that they put their faith in do not end up changing the fundamental - problem causing - substructure of society. The story is the same throughout the world, even the United States citizenry is beginning to see their government as even more corrupt than they thought before, which was significant already. The nebulous "demands" of the Occupy movement will eventually come to two outcomes: co-option by bourgeois parties, or concrete demands for systemic change. I can not claim to know which, I can only speculate. Let's hope the world chooses correctly.

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