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This is an essay by the pseudonymous Russian nationalist 'Alexander Slavros' on a new path for nationalism. He admittedly leans more in the direction of fascism than socialism, so a grain or two of salt will be necessary for parts of it (like the reference to "shitocracy and liberastism"), but I think this is worth a look.

No matter which way you look at it, we must accept that all the paths that are being taken today lead to a dead end. Some are no longer relevant, some are nothing else but games of the politically infantile, some try to play by the rules of the existing order of things to somehow change it and others are just wrong at their very basis. All of Russia stands at a dead end – from the ruling elite to the last young radical who demands a solution to this state of affairs.
«Goobacks» (I adopted the South Park term for the word I used in Russian that does mean «those who want to return to something») – dreamers who wish to return to the systems of the Monarchist Russian Empire or the Soviet Union – are their own worst enemies, for in their stubborn nature they refuse to accept, that restoring those structures is impossible and any attempts to do so are a betrayal to the principles on which those very systems were based on in the past.
«Preaching an old program of action in a completely new set of circumstances is often the worst kind of betrayal to ones own principles.» -N.V. Ustrialov
The Skinhead, as a direction of political youth, has been for a while now standing next to a brick wall, bashing its head against it – they accomplished nothing during their entire existence and will never accomplish anything now. If they had any sort of strength in the past, which could’ve been set in the right direction, they have it no more. The potential for a worthy development of this path had been lost.
There are, of course, «presentable» movements which adapted to the existing conditions, but if they are ready to play along to the broken systems rules, then how can they change it? More often they themselves become victims of our time’s process of decay and in the end don’t differ much from those who had caused it in the first place.
And what more can be said about the youth that fell pray to shitocracy and liberastism – their ideals have no historical potential for they support an anachronism which keeps us in the filth of the «modern» world (read my «New Epoch» article).
Here is a simple truth: all existing paths lead to a dead end. While the ruling elite displays its incapability and even unwillingness to react to the demands of our time, the masses in their confusion and madness cannot produce a new path, which would lead us out of this dead end.
But why has no one yet come across this new path? Herein lies an important problem of the very perception of our own goals. Nationalism, which, by the way, exists amongst both the self-proclaimed rightists and leftists, in all its manifestations is nothing more but a reaction to some negative influences. Nationalism is love for ones Motherland, People, Nation, their history, culture, traditions, hence why whenever some power encroaches on any of these ideals, Nationalism displays great hatred towards that power and seeks to destroy it.
«Hate must be born from Love» –Otto Strasser
Therefore, nationalism on its own is not enough to accomplish anything, it can but preserve and defend something that was already established, but not create something new. The People are degenerating? Nationalism calls to preserve culture. The country is developing according to foreign experience? Nationalism demands returning to traditions. The nation is dying out? Nationalism declares war in its defense, in extreme cases it is willing to use any means necessary. Nationalism is capable only of that, and it is wonderful, it is extremely important, but it is, unfortunately, incapable of giving us more than that. It cannot give us a path of development which will meet the demands of time, it is powerless to give us an exist from this dead end. That is exactly why applying nationalism on its own very so often ends up in childish games of the political youth or as nostalgia for that, which once was, but is no longer relevant.
The latter ends up in nothing but empty talk of how we must restore the might of our Motherland, however restoring might as a goal in of itself is a complete waste of time. Russias might did not come about because our ancestors sought it, but it came to be as a result of their deeds, their determination to attain something greater.
Therefore nationalism only helps us stand firm on what we have already accomplished, and without it all that is Russian would have turned to dust long ago under the influence of decay. But eternal defense is not a way out of the dead end we face, so it is not surprising that we still have not discovered a worthy path. We made a mistake in the very perception of our goals, moving away from our ancestors way of thinking. We need action if we want to pave a path for Russia into the future. We will attain this action in Metanationalism (that which comes after nationalism, which surpasses it).
MetaNationalism is the comprehension of the historical path of ones Motherland, People and Nation, and conscious action towards continuing that path. Therefore, Nationalism is the Shield, and Metanationalism is the Sword.
N.V. Ustrialov can be considered the first man to tread on the path of this idea, who is so actively branded a National-Bolshevik, something with which I completely disagree (read my Analysis of Ustrialovs works). It was Ustrialov who taught to love Russias substance and not just the facade. While the substance is eternal and follows the stream of time, the facade remains but a short manifestation of it at some specific point in time. However this can be corrected, if the basis for the facade will be the substance itself. This is not devotion to some specific system and its symbols which existed in our Motherland, but love for the Motherland herself, love for a complex and hard to comprehend natural force. If we can accomplish this then we will learn to feel her place in the space of time, her trajectory in it, and will be able to create a system and symbols which will serve this trajectory.
Metanationalism is an ideology of the Motherland herself (thanks to this it is unique for every nation) and not a global ideology which must be made manifest according to same laws in different countries. Thanks to this there will be no rift between serving the Idea and the Motherland, for the first will in itself be servitude to the second.
One of Ustrialovs favorite sayings «go forth from something with it» vividly manifests the idea of Metanationalism. We must go forth, towards the future, away from the already passed stages. We must not turn them into a fetish or become fixated on them, yet at the same time we must remember that they contain our basic principles, which must forever remain with us. Hence we must move forward with them. This is projection of the past onto the future, history which has been written in regards to history which is yet to be written. One may call it destiny.
Therefore we are determined to create something new, but it still must stand on an unchanging foundation, which was defined by the very nature of our Motherland. Through Metanationalism we will be able to give a worthy response to any obstacles that the future may have for us.
Metanationalism is the comprehension of the unity of the Motherlands history, her past, her present and her future, the unity of generations, unity of our historical destiny.
Metanationalism will have different forms in different countries as well as its own brand. In Russia Metanationalism is non-other than the Russian Idea – the set of questions about our very being which was so under scrutiny of various philosophers and thinkers throughout the history of our Motherland, but no one yet tried to unify them into an ideology. The projection of the answers to these questions into space of time – that is Russian Metanationalism. It is not but a reaction to a specific threat, but a historical foresight and a determined march into the future, while taking into account the specifics of our history.
Metanationalism is the comprehension of the very nature of ones Motherland, People, Nation and their historical path.
To sum up, Metanationalism is a unique phenomenon, for it is the idea of servitude to the living being of ones Motherland. Metanationalism is not stoic, it is eternally progressive for it serves history itself. Metanationalism is unique for each nation, for it serves their unique natures (Suum cuique – to each his own), however, due to the nature of some peoples, their Metanationalism may flow in sync to the historical destiny of other peoples, however that is a separate matter for scrutiny which is not the aim of this article. Because Metanationalism is so closely tied to the historical process, it becomes as eternal as the march of human history, as a result its facade, its symbols become eternal as well.
In servitude to Metanationalism, and therefore ones Motherland, a person becomes immortal for he transcends to a unified flow of history and attains unity with the past, present and future, becomes one with all generations of the nations, and therefore attains unity with the nation itself, with the Motherland itself, with Russia herself.
Metanationalism is not just a path out of the dead end of our time. It is a path which will direct us through ALL the dead ends in the space of time and will lead us on a path of development and prosperity which surpass all that came before.
All that is left for us to do, to set ourselves on this path, is to form the Iron Youth, capable of destroying the Anachronism and establish the supremacy of the New Type (read my article New Type), which will serve Metanationalism, serve the Motherland.

Original article from Slavros's own site

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