Capitalism and the Welfare State

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Capitalism and the Welfare State

Post by Rebel Redneck 59 on Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:01 am

Okay so since I have some spare time on my hands, I thought I might as well write about Capitalism and its relationship with the so called " Welfare state". Anyone who is familiar with the supporters of Capitalism knows that they ( especially the American ones) love to claim that the so called Welfare State is the invention of Socialism. In this short writing I will try to show that nothing could be more false and that, in fact, the Welfare State is the guardian angel of Capitalism.

So what is the " Welfare State"? The Welfare State is essentially a state in which a regulated form of Capitalism is practiced. In other words, there are regulations that protect the proletarian class ( at least to some extent) and there are also social services ( aka welfare provisions, from which the word " Welfare State" comes from) that look after them if they are out of work or disabled and so on. It is still a form of Capitalism ( since the means of production and distribution are owned by the few, while the many are proletarian) however it is less brutal than the form of Capitalism praticed during the start of the Industrial Revolution. So now that I have defined this word I will get into why the Welfare State is the guardian angel of Capitalism and should be opposed by all Socialists.

As anyone familiar with basic history knows, Capitalism in say the early 19th century was a very brutal thing. Wages were extremely low, hours were long, working conditions were terrible, and so on. Nonetheless this time period was a much better one than todays for starting a Socialist revolution because of the widespread anger among many Proletarians towards the Capitalists. This however ended with the rise of the Welfare State.

What is called the Welfare State emerged in Western Europe and the Colonial countries ( of the USA, Canada, etc) after the Second World War ( unless I happen to be mistaken). This system curbed the most brutal features of Capitalism and gave it a more human face. But like I wrote before it became the guardian angel of Capitalism. Here is why: Suppose you are a Capitalist who is living during that time period. One day you hear that the government is passing regulations to protect the workers and is introducing a progressive tax scheme as well as welfare benefits. Are you more likely to get all angry about this or are you going to be pleased? Just think that these safety regulations will cause less complaining and revolt amongst the workers. The progressive tax and welfare benefit scheme will put enough bread and butter money into the pockets of unemployed, laid off, and disabled workers. Which will no doubt make lots of them pleased and in effect shut them up. What is more that you wont have to bear much of its cost. Because it will mainly be the employed proletarians whose tax money will go to support the unemployed proletarians. You, as a Capitalist, have a chance at evading taxes via offshore bank accounts or by just simply getting tax exemptions from the government if your big enough. Therefore this Welfare State is not a thing to be opposed by a sensible Capitalist. Because it will keep the Proletarian populace happy which means it will most likely not revolt and overthrow Capitalism. Thus it secures the power of the Capitalist class much more than a Laissez Faire form of Capitalism ever could. Which is why the Welfare State deserves to be called the guardian angel of Capitalism.

Whatever is the Guardian Angel of Capitalism must be the Antichrist of Socialism. So obviously all Socialists must oppose this Welfare State which has allowed the Capitalists to shut up the Proletarians for so long. Fortunately for us this Welfare State seems to be collapsing before our eyes. Which means that Capitalism may finally end if a revolution occurs. So my Socialist friends, if you read on the news that unemployment benefits are being cut by the government of whatever county you are in then dont get sad. Rejoice and go out into the streets, agitating the Proletarian members of your Nation to tear down the Capitalist system. Because , the only way Capitalism will end, is if its guardian angel is dead.

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