Nice, quick, easy and Enlightening.

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Nice, quick, easy and Enlightening.

Post by Molov on Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:08 pm

Alright, as the title suggests I am searching for such novels. I have some free time coming up, and am looking to read some works.

That said I want to start reading some political works. Right now, I really want to read some of Mussolini's works, I also see that he has several pieces written by himself. They all seem to be autobiographies, which one do you suggest that really captures his personal life, and that of Fascism, his own political beliefs how he got to them and what not etc...?

I don't mind what it is, you can suggest something personal or any piece of work you like, something you think that really inspired you/gave you lots of good advice etc...

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Re: Nice, quick, easy and Enlightening.

Post by Celtiberian on Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:43 am

I found Benito Mussolini's autobiography, My Rise and Fall, to be quite engaging (far more than Mein Kampf), though it wasn't very helpful insofar as understanding his political and/or economic views is concerned. The best historian of Italian Fascism is A. James Gregor, so you may want to consider reading Young Mussolini and The Intellectual Origins of Fascism, Giovanni Gentile: Philosopher of Fascism, or Mussolini's Intellectuals: Fascist Social and Political Thought, if you're interested in a thorough treatment of the subject.

If you browse through the 'Socialist Resources' thread, there are several titles which you may find enlightening. Definitely consider What is Property?: An Inquiry Into the Principle of Right and of Government by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and The ABC's of Political Economy: A Modern Approach by Robin Hahnel.

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