Eugene Terre'Blanche schools a "colorblind" Liberal

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Re: Eugene Terre'Blanche schools a "colorblind" Liberal

Post by Pantheon Rising on Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:31 am

Admin wrote:Trotsky's quote does not indicate an absolute commitment to the notion. Of course, there are instances wherein the ends can justify means of a given pursuit. However, as my previous post indicated, I do not find that to be the case when it comes to what you are essentially advocating (i.e. supporting basically any manifestation of nationalism, simply because of the implicit promise of securing racial/ethnic homogeneity).

Well, let me take a crack at an analogy. This may have little or no relevance to you whatsoever, but keep in mind it is just my analogy. I am a pagan follower of the original Indo-European beliefs. I ultimately wish to see these beliefs and ideas flourish. I think the spread of Christianity throughout our European homeland was one of the mot devastating events our people ever suffered. However; I would much rather see our race still alive under such conditions than not alive at all. The truth can always be brought to the light. Likewise, it would NOT be preferable at all to see our race suffer under an exploitative capitalist system at all. But if it had to exist under it it would be better than to not exist at all. I will break bread with anyone who is aware of our racial plight, but not always ally myself with them. There is a difference. Also; it pays to get close to others. You can teach them. Don't write off someone as "reactionary" so quick, they can learn. I wasn't always a socialist either; just like I wasn't always a nationalist.

Again, I fail to see how you can divorce this (flawed) premise from the rationale behind the murders carried out by the reactionary piece of shit in Norway. (In his mind, any action that would serve to avert the 'Islamification' of Europe was itself legitimate in principle. How is what you are advocating for any different?)

It is different in that; his killing of children wasn't stopping any Islamification. I can't even say this is a case of attacking the symptom and not the problem. We should be focusing on the system that is responsible for our problems like the Islamification of Europe.

Don't confuse my statement for any personal misanthropic sentiments. To be clear, my point was semi-sarcastic in tone, for I do feel that the 'White race' is capable of (voluntarily) sustaining itself within the confines of Western (racially pluralistic) bourgeois societies for a sufficient amount of time. (Reactionary nationalist hysteria tends to either marginalize or deny this premise, in order to bolster the support base for various movements/parties.) There are, of course, legitimate demographic problems that certainly need to be addressed, but there are ways in which to do that which do not involve forging an unhealthy dependency upon counterproductive manifestations of nationalism.

Of course it will be voluntary. It is our duty to inspire the spark of life inside our folk once again. I think there is a lot of counterproductive forms of Nationalism though I am in agreement with you. I just don't see Eugene Terre'Blanche's form of nationalism as fitting into a counterproductive category. He wasn't a revolutionary socialist like us, but, I don't see that fact alone as being counterproductive to our survival.

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Re: Eugene Terre'Blanche schools a "colorblind" Liberal

Post by TotalitarianSocialist on Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:51 am

Terre'Blanche's party the AWB are influenced by German National Socialism(just look at their flag) but I would say they are less imperialist, if even imperialist at all. They are a separatist not a chauvinistic/supremacist movement. This can be called left wing. Economically am guessing they are similar to the NSDAP after the Night of the Long Knives. Terre'Blanche was very religious and conservative and he seemed to have longed for the South Africa of yester-century, not the imperialist apartheid South Africa from a few years ago. During apartheid they fought for a independent Volkstaat(peoples state) for Boers. Terre'Blanche was a great man and a reactionary. As a white South African I agree. We can have a true apartheid in which black, white and all the races that inhabit South Africa can live in out own states and not exploit anyone. The apartheid regime was not a Nationalist but an imperialist government which exploited the black people for cheap labor. White South Africans do not need to exploit black South Africans and black South Africans, we can do our work ourselves.

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