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The incredible confusion of some comrades concerning the nature of the PCN-NCP force us to intervene. It’s astonishing to note how disinformation often finds more echo than the truth in the Marxist-Leninists forums. The bad knowledge of history, of the reality of the current anti-imperialist fight, and of the bases of Leninism provokes serious mistakes of interpretation. The PCN-NCP, which attentively read all the critics addressed by various forum members, decided to publish this global answer.
What are National-bolshevism and National-communism ? it is astonishing that a lot of comrades don’t know the history of this current within Marxism-Leninism. Yet, a good historic knowledge of proletarian struggles is absolutely necessary to our anticapitalist fight. We hope that the following answer will wake up our sincere leninist comrades deceived by reactionary propaganda.
National-bolshevism was born following LENIN’s patriotic calls when bolsheviks faced the white armies. Some intellectuals and militants understood to this time the role of Russia, as first Communist State, all over the world in the diffusion of the Marxism. It is why National-bolshevism was historically allied with LENINE and STALIN who defended, against the utopian internationalists, the necessity to guarantee the survival of the Communist State as first stage of the revolution.
National-bolshevism was born of patriotic Communism, opposite to chauvinism. We hope that this purely leninist distinction between patriotism and chauvinism is known of our comrades. The first National-bolshevism is the one of LENIN and STALIN: it is an interpretation of the geopolitics reality of Russia. And then, it is in Germany that National-bolshevism expressed itself after 1918. First in the KAPD, the German Working Communist Party, in a leftist « version » criticized by Lenin (our comrades assuredly know this text), and then in the resistance group « Widerstand » of the anti-nazi militant Ernst NIEKISCH.
For a communist militant, not knowing who is Ernst NIEKISCH is astonishing. He and its resistance’s network “WIDERSTAND” were the first to resist to HITLER from 1933. He was jailed in the Nazi camps in 1937 and participated in the foundation of the DDR. NIEKISCH is the founder of the German National-bolshevism, and he helped to found the DDR because he believed that the construction of the national Communism was a necessary stage to the diffusion of Leninism. His antifascist ideology didn’t have anything in common with the so-called « left fascism », which was only a mystifying rhetoric. We refer to the reading of WEISENBORN, who describes NIEKISCH as one of biggest resistant to Nazism. We hope that our comrades know this author.
The history of National-bolshevism prolongs itself after World War II. The DDR, Romania of CEAUSESCU, Korea of KIM IL SUNG, the Maoist China, are examples of national construction of Communism that opposed to the soviet revisionism. It is the militant Jean THIRIART who proposed the first the idea of a modern National-bolshevism, aiming to lean on the Communist nation model to found a continental Europe centralized, united and progressive. He was in contact with the Maoist China (ZOU ENLAI received him for a long time in Bucharest in 1966, interview prepared by CEAUCESCU), the DDR, and with the progressive nations of the third-world, of which he admitted the useful character for the world revolution. It is why he supported PERON in Argentina, who made a lot for proletarians of his country, let’s recall it. Our comrades probably know that CHE GUEVARA was a friend of peronists in exile in years 60 and that the guerrilla warfare of peronist montoneros was guevarist and tupamarist.
Communist militant before 1940, THIRIART was not fascist, and he considered the Stalinism like a version of the National-bolshevism that it was necessary to apply in whole Europe. He liquidated the right wing of its organization, « JEUNE EUROPE », that became then one of the rare sincere revolutionary organizations to the time where the pseudo-Maoists and the petty-burgesses of May 68 messed up Marxism-Leninism with their neo-consumerists slogans. Let’s add that since 1965, THIRIART supported Palestinian struggle. Roger COUDROY, the first European who fall in Palestine in the ranks of the FATAH in 1967, was member of our Organization.
The PCN-NCP is the heir of the Russian, Stalinist, National-bolshevism, of the German , anti-nazi, National-bolshevism, and of the pro-European National-bolshevism of Thiriart. We want the destruction of old European chauvinist nations, to build a socialist European State that will be the first stage of the European and international revolution. Why a European nation ? Because the logical basis of the struggle against the American capitalist empire requires a strong Europe, capable to unite all sincere leninists militants. We just prolong here STALIN’s thought.
The PCN-NCP fights for many years false National-bolsheviks, Russian and Anglo-Saxon red-brown provocators. They are reactionary traitors. They use National-bolshevism to diffuse a traditionalist ideology close to the thought of Julius Evola, Italian theoretician of fascism. We regret that our leninist comrades confound the historic, progressive and antifascist National-bolshevism, with the action of some isolated provocators and traitors that are harmful to our reputation. This clarification will be assuredly sufficient to alert them on this problem and to prove them that the PCN-NCP and its National-bolshevism, if they defend a particular interpretation of Stalinism, is also a group of progressive militants.
For us Europe is the POINT OF DEPARTURE, the setting, of a socialist ideology that have universal, TRANSNATIONAL, vocation, that we call the « European Communautarism ». It rests on values : pre-eminence of solidarity, community, social justice, society without class. This project is the exact opposite of the American anti-civilisation (for more of details: cfr
The members of the EUROPEAN NATION, conceived on the revolutionary republican model of 1793, are all those that adhere to this project, without any ethnic, linguistic, religious, social or territorial distinction. We conceive Europe on geopolitic and transnational basis, from Quebec to Vladivostok and widened to the two strands of the Mediterranean .. The key of this Europe is the European citizenship. The European Communautarism is therefore fundamentally Anti-racist.
It’s what the PCN-NCP puts in practice since 15 years, presenting on its electoral lists in Belgium and in France candidates and militants from North Africa and East Europe (our first secretary-general was Hungarian and was born political refugee and stateless). For instance, among the first five candidates of the PCN-NCP list at the European elections of 1999, two Arabics and Africans were represented.
The PCN-NCP fight for the immediate entrance of all countries of the East (also Russia), of Turkey and all countries of North Africa in the European Union. Position that our Organization defends since 1965 and the PCN-NCP since its foundation in 1984. Internationally, the PCN-NCP has an intense activity. We regularly participate to the political meetings and seminaries in Africa. Our secretary-general present is the coordinator-general of the ” International Movement for the Democratic Direct ” (MIDD-CR), international association whose seat is in Tripoli.
We fight the far-right because we assume the political and ideological inheritance of our National-bolcheviks predecessors. We don’t forget the sacrifice of our German comrades that knew the Nazi concentration camps, the deportations, executions, the torture.
We support the fight for dignity, liberty, socialism and liberation nationalism of « WIDERSTAND » fighters of the group of Ernst NIEKISCH, of the « Group Hielsher », of the « Circle of Kreisau », of the courageous fighters of July 20, 1944, of the German militants of the « RED ORCHESTRA » (whose both leaders HARNACK and SCHULZE-BOYSEN were former national-bolshevik militants). The « red triangle » was a mark of infamy in the nazi concentration camps : we are proud to wear it today as a mark of honor.
The PCN-NCP is in first line of the fight against the reborn of Nazism in Europe . Our Party engaged itself in first line in order to destroy the different components of the far-right in countries where it is implanted. In Belgium, the PCN-NCP has prevented, by its electoral, administrative and judicial actions, the different splits of the FN from getting the public financing of the Belgian state. It permitted the invalidation of several seats of deputies.
The importance of our action against the neo-nazi far-right drove the PCN-NCP to endow itself of a specialized structure, created in September 1997, the « RESISTANCE EUROPEAN-EUROPAISCHE WIDERSTAND Collective » destined to build and to plan our offensives. For our readers that read French, it’s possible to consult: . They will read here in details our actions since 10 years against the Belgian NATIONAL FRONT, the Belgian and French neo-nazi groups and the FN of LE PEN. In 1998, the PCN-NCP presented candidates in Toulon (France) in an election against the FN mayor of this city. Our list titled « Youth against LE PEN, for the interdiction of the National Front ». Judge us on our ideas and our acts. Not on phantasms, on amalgams or on positions that are those of our adversaries.
The European Central Committee of the PCN-NCP.


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