How Divided is the USA ?

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How Divided is the USA ? Empty How Divided is the USA ?

Post by Pennsylvania Dude on Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:07 pm

Hello guys , this is Pennsylvania Dude again .  I would like to bring up the subject of just how divided is the USA along social and racial/ethnic lines ( there are other fault lines of course , but they aren't nearly as important IMO ) . I'd especially love to hear the input of people familiar with regions other than Eastern Pennsylvania .

 Anyways , like I've hinted , I will only speak about Eastern PA since that's the area I'm most familiar with .  Class consciousness in this region is pretty strong in its own way . Certainly a lot stronger than the supposed " classless " way of looking at things the USA is known for . Eastern PA has lost a lot of the industry which supported it's working class , however memories of the past is pretty strong there .  I'd wager at least half of all families from that region have members who used to work in steel mills and so forth . There is also a lot of resentment towards the businessmen and other elites who have pretty much destroyed that world . Of course the average East PA resident's view of the matter is pretty far from Socialism , nonetheless the " working man " mentality is very much alive there . If any places in the US are ripe for working class socialist movements , then Eastern PA should be numbered among them IMO .

 As with regard to racial/ethnic divisions , I find that Eastern PA's situation seems ( once again ) a bit unique when compared to the rest of the USA .  You don't read or hear much about ethnic based tensions in the USA , but they are very much alive in Eastern PA . That's not to say that racial tensions don't exist there , but ethnic tensions are definitely on par with them .  It would probably be hard for an outsider to notice ( especially with next to zero media coverage of it ) , but there still is a good bit of rivalry between " Old Stock " and " Ethnic "  White Americans in Eastern PA . Both groups resent and dislike one another to a fair extent . The still continuing socioeconomic differences don't help either , since the region's white underclass is much more Ethnic than Old Stock .  This may also seem weird to some , but the truth is , that the state of many Ethnic Whites in East PA is comparable to the general state of the Afro American community nationwide .  Italian Americans in this region ( for some reason ) have managed to keep up with the Old Stock White people , but all the other Ethnic White groups haven't . There are tons of so called Hunky ( Slovak , Lithuanian , Polish , etc ) Americans in Eastern PA that do drugs , have illegitimate kids , commit crime , etc . In short many of them behave just like a large segment of the urban Black and Latino communities behave .  Of course the usual " White - Nonwhite " divides in US society do apply to this region , yet this pretty unique twist is worth a mention I suppose

 So anyways what are the main divides in your region of the US ? Are they unique or typical ? What realistic effect would they have on socially conscious advocacy ?
Pennsylvania Dude

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How Divided is the USA ? Empty Re: How Divided is the USA ?

Post by Balkan Beast on Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:26 am

I don't believe America as a whole is very divided, it only seems that way once people try to bring race into an issue.
In North Carolina, pretty much the same. Some people are racist and all sure but it isn't really "harmful", saying n*gger and joining up with a white power group are two different things. What it comes down to is do you fit with the American culture in general, and you won't really have a problem unless your culture is in opposition to it pretty much.

As for social consciousness, it tends to only be on highlighted issues that fall on main party lines and nothing more just like the rest of the world. People don't see themselves as rich and poor unless something happens that would make it stick out really bad because of something that happens in their life. They just see themselves as either Southern or American whether they black, white, native american, mexican, whatever. From what I've seen everyone gets along, I assume the rest of the country is like that disregarding the regionalism bit. Pretty much race comes up if people make it an issue and will only bring it up in a regular situation if one of the two parties involved is for lack of better words... An asshole.

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