What do you think about copyright and piracy?

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What do you think about copyright and piracy?

Post by HomelessArtist on Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:01 pm

Do you support copyright?
Do you pirate?
What should be the role of intellectual propiety in a socialist state?


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Re: What do you think about copyright and piracy?

Post by Rev Scare on Mon Dec 16, 2013 2:21 am

I refer you to this post.

HomelessArtist wrote:Do you support copyright?

Not on principle, because it is does nothing other than generate conditions of artificial scarcity for the sake of private profit. Information is the product of mental labor, and this labor of thought is dependent upon previously accumulated social knowledge and infrastructure. No idea is born in a vacuum, and as such, no individual (or collective that acts as an individual) is solely responsible for any innovation. The production of information, as with physical wealth, is inescapably bound to the social labor process, and it is therefore social in character and should be commonly held.

Do you pirate?

No, but I freely transmit information amongst peers. Wink

What should be the role of intellectual propiety in a socialist state?

To the extent that the law of value would obtain in a socialist economy (the operation of any existing markets), I surmise that some measure of IP law would require continued enforcement, as modern businesses rely heavily upon such government guarantees to retain their profit margins. Otherwise, there would be a disincentive for private firms to innovate, particularly with respect to software development and entertainment, both industries being composed of state sanctioned monopolies from top to bottom. That is not to assert that a market socialist society could not find superior methods for managing creations of the mind (e.g., nationalization of the most vulnerable industries, alternative incentive mechanisms, open source options, etc.).

In a planned economy, the question would become irrelevant, as production would no longer be oriented toward exchange. Along with the remainder of the social labor process, the production of information would be organized according to a common plan, workers would be compensated based on socially determined criteria, and cheaply reproducible goods, such as digital content, would be made freely available.

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