Detriot Filing for Bankruptcy

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Detriot Filing for Bankruptcy

Post by Uberak on Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:25 am

Detriot is filing for bankruptcy. Seems quite clear that Snyder's oh so genius plan of stripping the people of Detriot of their rights to self-government turned out to...not work! And, I don't even think it is supposed to work. After all, nothing smells more capitalist than screwing over the people.

In all seriousness, the problems of Detriot are much more fundamental than what most media sources hype over. The unions have nothing to do with it, even taking the effects of offshoring into account. (That is like blaming the victim for a crime since the victim did something that motivated the perpetrator to committing the crime on the victim.) Neither it is because of the Democrats. (Though, machine politics and corruption definitely did have a negative effect on the city.) Democrats happen to be popular amongst the poor. Thus naturally, a city with lots of poor folk would vote Democratic. Not only this, but municipal governments don't even have control over things such as welfare (The most common complaint that Republicans have when it comes to spending). Such responsibilities are for the national government. And, I'm not going to comment on the "Niggas break shit" 'theory' on Detriot's problems.

The fundamental problems with Detriot, when simplified, come from two sources, which are the decreased role of manufacturing within the domestic US economy and the flight of 'middle-class'/upper-class, and yes often 'white', Americans to affluent suburbs, aided ironically by automobiles. (Even certain inner-suburbs such as Dearborn are starting to feel the effects of this population movement.) These two problems ultimately cut the tax base down dramatically, and thus the city can not pay the costs of maintaining itself. Not to mention, the population decline has left many parts of the city downright barren. It also doesn't help that Detriot is overly stretched out as a city due to it's association with automobiles (which meant a city with little public transportation that is incredibly spacious), which increases the cost of maintaining city services and the law. Basically, Detriot was poorly designed for this sort of situation, and the socioeconomic phenomena of the late 20th and early 21st centuries play against the economic well-being of the city.

Well, this is my two-cents on the whole issue of what Detriot's problem exactly is. Feel free to come down upon me if my analysis is wrong and/or add your own opinion/analysis here.

Note:I haven't went into how capitalism's structural problems led to the situation. I will make another post detailing that later.

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