Otto Neurath and Calculation in Kind

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Otto Neurath and Calculation in Kind

Post by RedBrasil on Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:31 pm

What are your thoughts about it?
I had never read anything from Otto Neurath but I always like to think how it can work, it really sounds a great option, imagine the following story:

1-I'm a worker in socialism and I want to see how much natural resources I will have for the month or week.

2-So I went to the "People's Bank-Market".

3-I went to te ATM machine and I see that this month the total amount of resources produced is "X" for coal, "B" for iron and so on for all elements, so my part is the quantity of each resource divided by the number of population (it doesn't have to be 100% equal).

4-In the ATM machine I will have a market too, so I check the products. A computer for example: For buying a computer is needed "X" for element 1, "y" for element 2, z for element 3, w for element 4 and so on, if I have all the resources for a computer I can order one.

5- The computer is manufactured according to my demand, just like all the products.

6-The product will be delivered in my house.

7- We don't need to have just one government's computer, we can have different types of technology, If you are a inventor you can create your product, giving information about the formula, how to make it and then socialize your idea. So people can order your product.

8-Food, clothes and other common products are not included necessarily

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