Germany's Proletariat and Gov't Policy

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Germany's Proletariat and Gov't Policy

Post by Red Aegis on Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:30 am

It has been said that the german economy is thriving, and that is true to a degree. The degree to which it is not true is that while the german economy has been doing better than the rest of Europe, the german proletariat is feeling strain, unlike the german bourgeoisie. The rise of the german 'precariat' is very similar to that of the american 'precariat'. Workers are forced into working for temporary employment agencies, which allows the end employer to avoid worrying about collective bargaining, health care, or retirement benefits and allows the government to say that there is less unemployment despite people's increasingly desperate and weak position in society.

Also, Germany has been able to feed it's economy through a focus on exports, which is not a stable platform - especially in this current crisis. It will - and is - slowing down. The german economy will sink with the coming shrinkage of the Asian Market.

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